The tennis wall is a sophisticated tennis system for players who want to take their game to the highest level. For over 30 years tennis players from all levels have used The Wall system to achieve championship-winning tennis. As a member of the TheTennisWall.com you will have access to on-line lessons and explanations of the wall concepts by TheTennisWall creator Bill Glaves.

What do you get by joining TheTennisWall.com?

  •  Access to the Wall Book where basic and advanced concepts are brought to life through Flash animations. These videos break down complex situations and present them in a way even a novice player can follow.
  •  Drills you can take to the court and use to build your skills and improve your understanding of The Wall.
  •  An opportunity to pick the brain of Wall creator Bill Glaves. Ask him questions about situations that arise in your own play, and find out how the pros would handle it.

Meet the team

The Wall Master is ATP Bill Glaves, owner, creator and instructor of The Wall system. Bill has successfully played and coached The Wall system for over 30 years.

Bill has also coached touring pros to Wimbledon and Olympic titles and has coached nationally ranked college teams at The University of Houston and Vanderbilt University. Bill’s The Wall system has not only dominated professional and collegiate level play, but also the recreational level of play for decades.

Notable touring pros coached include: Steve Denton, Ken Flach, Val Ziegenfuss, and Ferdi Taygan

  • Accomplishments Include:

  •  An ATP coach
  •  US Wightman Cup teams
  •  US Pan Am Teams (1975 Team still holds the Pam Am games record for most individual gold medals, 1979 Team holds the record for most individual medals)
  •  BP Cup (Five world junior titles)
  •  US Junior Davis Cup team for ten years

Definitions of The Wall

The Wall: a tennis playing system designed for a person to be able to play championship level tennis, primarily at the net. The Doubles Wall: a tennis system where both players play parallel to each other, usually at the net, and defend their net position in order to have the best chance for winning points. The Singles Wall: a tennis playing system where a player begins each point with the intention of sooner or later advancing to and defending a position at the net where they will have the best chance for winning points.