What To Expect

Why Join and what can I expect when I start?

The Tennis Adage: It takes five years to learn to play, it takes ten years to get good, and it takes 15 years to become a champion.

The Tennis Wall Adage: It takes a year to learn the system, it takes three years to be good, and it takes five years of playing The Wall to become a championship level Wall player.

Become the best tennis player you can be!

What can I expect when I join?

If you have been playing tennis less than two years, you are not ready to learn The Wall. You will go to the doubles one up one back system to begin learning the overall system basics.

If you have been playing for two or more years but have not had any Wall training you will be presented with The Wall definitions of positions:

  •  How to get into position
  •  How to move to the incoming ball from the positions
  •  Where to hit the ball
  •  How to hit the ball
  •  Where to go after you hit the ball

When the point is over you will learn:

  •  How to evaluate what you did in the point
  •  Drills that will help you get better at knowing
  • The Wall positions
  •  How to develop your skills of The Wall system

If you have been playing The Wall for over one year, then you now know The Wall system basics and the emphasis switches to:

  •  Correct position to better shot execution
  •  Earlier arrival into positions
  •  Quicker reads of ball leaving opponents racket
  •  Better execution of the firmness of shots
  •  Quicker understanding of next position

If you have been playing three years of The Wall

  •  Your pace will be consistently higher
  •  Your overhead will have grown in read and power
  •  You will use drills to keep your sharpness
  •  You will be good in all positions
  •  You will be a fair closer to be introduced to the ā€œIā€

If you have been playing five years of The Wall:

  •  You are playing close to the best you can play and most are playing championship level tennis
  •  You have a solid understanding of The Wall and can carry friends to victories in matches
  •  Paired with other Wall players, you will be competitive at the very top of championship levels.